Swan Lake is not your typical neighborhood HOA!  It is privately owned property whose non-profit association ownership offers property owners membership to be able to use the lake, beach, playgrounds, islands, and any other Swan Lake common property including being able to rent the Club House or Beach Pavillion. Please visit the calendar page on this site for rental availability and instructions.

There is a $500 initiation fee per property to join the association. Per covenant by-laws on file with Henry County, the initiation fee is subject to forfeiture if the annual dues to maintain membership of the property address becomes 2 years in arrears for most of the sections.  An initiation fee payment plan of the $500 is available, if needed, by contacting    The property initiation fee is transferable to new future owners as long as the membership annual dues are current in good standing.  The initiation fee is non-refundable.

Per current covenants and By-Laws in effect, Swan Lake is able to offers 4 types of annual memberships:

Active – $200 – Active members are property owners who pay the full $200 annual fee entitling them to all lake privileges, including voting rights.

Inactive – $100 – Inactive members are property owners who pay an annual $100 account maintenance fee to secure voting rights and to preserve a paid initiation fee.

Associate – $200 – Associate members are tenants legally occupying rental property.  The annual fee entitles them to all lake privileges but they do not have voting rights.

Conditional – $200 – Conditional members are owners who’s properties abut Swan Lake property and have requested and received approval from the Board to purchase a membership.  They are entitled to all lake privileges but they do not have voting rights.

Membership fees are based upon the annual calendar year and are not pro-rated.   Fees are due no later than March 15th of each calendar year.  Late fees apply after that date.

Please note!  Swan Lake consists of mandatory and non-mandatory payment requirements. This is based upon the the initial plat plan phase of the development of this subdivision. Swan Lake consists of SIX different phases and each phase may contain different covenants.  Please consult the covenants and by-laws page for clarification should you have any questions.

Members in current standing may obtain gate keys for island and lake access. There is a $30 refundable deposit fee for obtaining the key and free key exchange for future lock changes when they occur.  The ramp located next to the beach area,at 100 Lakeshore Dr,  is the only allowable location for boat launching and removal.

Please email and the designated board member will contact you to handle your request.