It’s Fall!

Current members MUST have a valid 2020 vehicle parking permit decal clearly visible on any vehicle parked at Swan Lake common areas. We suggest placing it in the middle of the front windshield behind the rear view mirror for community consistency.
Unaccompanied vehicles will be towed.
Two vehicle stickers are provided to all current members. If you need additional stickers for additional household members, the cost is $5. Email request to  Verification of residency will be requested. Any persons sharing stickers with non residents will be subject to their membership being cancelled.

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Gate locks were changed last fall so if you have not yet exchanged yours, email your name, address and key # to to schedule a meeting for replacement.   If you are a current member and do not have a key to exchange, email the request to the prior email address and be aware that there is a $30 deposit fee to obtain a key.   SHUT THE GATE AND LOCK IT BEHIND YOU UPON ENTRY AND DEPARTURE.  Any member discovered sharing their key, membership card, sticker, etc. to a non-resident or non-member will be subject to membership cancellation.

Current Members ONLY shall have access to the lake for fishing. As usual, absolutely no fishing from beach area.  Fishing along dam and from islands is permitted.  Current member of household must be present.   

As always, Board members are not responsible for incidents occurring on the public roadways within the subdivision and do not provide security services. Call Henry County Police Dept at 770-957-9121 for issues requiring their services. 

Stay safe and take care of each other.

Please remember to clean up any trash when you enjoy the lake and leave only footprints behind.

2020 Member Statements were sent out in January 2020. All invoices were issued hard copy via US Mail and you may have also received it electronically via email if we have your email address on file.  Contact us at for any billing questions.

Buying or selling a property in Swan Lake Estates?  If selling, please disclose the property association information to any prospective buyers.  Your real estate agent will provide you with the necessary document.  If buying, please request the disclosure document from your buyers agent in order to provide our contact information to the closing attorney.

All closing requests needed by title / closing attorney should be sent to   Please include the property parcel number and current owner name for response.

Enjoy your community!

The Board of Directors for Swan Lake would like to remind you to do so respectfully and always remember:

  • This is a PRIVATE community – the lake and Swan Lake community property is open for use by current dues paying HOA members only.  Any other entry constitutes trespassing.  
  • If you wish to invite guests, please accompany them when ever on any of the lake community property – the lake is not public.
  • A current membership parking sticker must be visible when parked on Swan Lake property (without it, your vehicle will be subject to possible towing).
  • You may only launch boats from the boat launch by the beach house (do not launch boats from the big island).
  • Lakeside residents will file noise complaints against any loud or otherwise disrespectful behavior occurring on the lake.
  • Absolutely no fishing from beach area or near playground areas.
  • Do not dock at, stand on, or fish from a dock or lakeside property that does not belong to you.
  • When asked, you are required to provide proof of membership to a Swan Lake Estates member in form of vehicle sticker or membership card.  ANY current member may request such proof of membership.
  • Do not park in front of any gates blocking entry to paying members.  Unattented vehicles will be towed.
  • No motorized vehicles are permitted on dam.
  • This is a NO WAKE LAKE.  No power boats or jet skis are permitted.  All boat traffic must not exceed over 10mph.
  • No dogs allowed on beach and all dogs must be on a leash at all times on Swan Lake private properties…this includes the dam.
  • Above all: PLEASE DO NOT LITTER in the Swan Lake neighborhood and especially in the lake (this includes cigarette butts) and respect the playground equipment and available picnic tables.  Trash cans are provided for the convenience of members enjoying Swan Lake properties and are not to be publicly utilized by residents for their personal trash items brought from their homes.

If you are a Swan Lake Estates resident and are not a member, you may still join!  We only send out information / invoice statements to properties with current initiation fee paid.  Check out the membership page for more information or email

If you are interested in renting the clubhouse or pavilion, check the calendar page for availability first then send an email to: with your date request

BOD meetings are held on the second Thursday at 6 pm of every other month at the community clubhouse located at 558 Lakeshore Dr.  Check out the calendar page for exact dates and any changes to the schedule or to learn of other events being held at the clubhouse.

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2021 Schedule for BOD Meetings

Please contact us at for community concerns.

BOD meetings occur on the second Thursday of every other month starting at 7 p.m. at the clubhouse located at 558 Lakeshore Dr. Please note all future meeting dates on the calendar page.
Financials, maintenance, lake reports and project status are discussed at each meeting.
We welcome all residents of the community to attend and support activities.

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